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The Thorne Building has been emblematic of Millbrook, New York, since 1895, when it was gifted to the Village by the Thorne family. Until 1962, the three-story Beaux Arts structure served as Millbrook’s first public high school. Since then, it has seen only sporadic use. In recent years, it has fallen into disrepair and needs modernization.


The Millbrook Community Partnership (MCP) has stepped in with a clear and consistent vision that incorporates the expressed wishes and concerns of Millbrook residents while conserving this magnificent resource. With its historic exterior restored and its beautiful interiors renovated, while simultaneously optimizing the use of 21st-century technology, a re-imagined Thorne Building Community Center will serve as a communal gathering space where multiple groups, from seniors to youth, from full-time residents to weekenders, can connect as a community.


The new Thorne Building Community Center will serve The Village of Millbrook, the Town of Washington, and central Dutchess County by offering programs for all ages — from youngsters to seniors — including film and theatre programs; a technology center; co-working space for local citizens; culinary programs; gallery space; music, dance, and art studios; and much more.

Our Vision

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What You Will Find at The Thorne Building Community Center

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  • An auditorium and stage for lectures, concerts, plays, dance, and movies, with state-of-the-art visual and sound systems

  • Art, music and dance studios

  • Gallery space to showcase works created by local artists, and acquired by local collectors

  • A technology center to promote digital literacy for all age groups, with a shared office space system and “smart” classrooms, as well as a video gaming area for teens

  • A modern kitchen facility for cooking classes, catering, and farm-to-table food preparation

  • Early education and after-school program space

  • Redesigned outdoor spaces, including a formal garden and a new playground 

  • A new bandshell and landscaped seating for outdoor concerts

Conceptual Site Plan

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