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The Thorne Center


The Project History

In January 2017, the Millbrook Mayor convened a workshop to discuss revitalizing the Thorne Building, and a new 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation was created.


That 501(c)(3) formed a Thorne Building Planning Committee – made up of representatives from:

  • Local Arts Group

  • Senior Citizens

  • Elected Officials

  • Local Business              

  • Educators

  • Philanthropies

  • Clergy


Public meetings were held, a consultant hired, and dozens of interviews conducted with all segments of the Millbrook community, in order to assess the best public use of the building.


The committee recommended the exterior of the building be restored to its original design and that its interiors be reinvigorated, employing 21st-century technology, to create a communal gathering space where multiple groups, from seniors to youth, from full-time residents to weekenders, could connect as a community.


Since that time the MCP has:

  • Cleared the “Thorne Family reversion clause”.

  • Obtained Village Planning Board approval for zoning.

  • Acquired the building from the Village of Millbrook.

  • Abated the asbestos in the building.

The Project: Future Phases

Abatement Work

  • Asbestos and lead paint abatement have been substantially completed, and remaining work should be completed by the end of October.

  • Concerted effort will be made to preserve monumental door frames, brick work, window frames, ironwork and architectural woodwork. 


Limited Restoration Work

  • Scrape loose paint off existing windows, doors, trims.

  • Paint all existing windows, doors, trims.


Phase 2 (final phase) to include:

  • Renovation of the auditorium to support concerts, dance recitals, drama, film, lectures, video broadcasting and events,

  • A Culinary Center for cooking classes, farm-to-table food processing and event catering,

  • A technology center designed to promote digital literacy for young people and provide support for all ages,

  • A music studio for practice, rehearsal, and recording,

  • A video gaming room,

  • A studio for art classes,

  • “Smart” classrooms,

  • A shared office space facility,

  • Exhibition space, and

  • Community-based outdoor space including a playground, ample parking, and a landscaped garden.



  • Once requisite funding achieved, construction drawings will be rendered.

  • Target is to begin construction in 2025 and finish in 2027.

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